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About Us

AY-i-AY [sounds like “EYE-ee-EYE!”] is a global leader in the use of positive psychology among People-Helping Professionals who want to upcurve their worklife for overall wealth, health and happiness at work.

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ALERT!  Here is a partial list of People-Helping Professionals who have  high burnout potential:

  • health care professionals
  • human resource managers and trainers
  • sales teams
  • nurses
  • personal support workers (PSW)
  • health care aides
  • physicians
  • psychologists
  • recreation therapists
  • social workers
  • health practitioners
  • life coaches
  • counselors
  • teachers and educators
  • small business entrepreneurs
  • healers and holistic health practitioners
  • humour and laughter professionals
  • massage therapists
  • naturopathic doctors
  • education and training specialists

Our clients are:

  • Workplace Leaders who highly value their professional staff and want a positive yet profitable human approach to energizing group connection, fueling creativity, inspiring performance and advancing productivity.
  • Health and Human Service Professionals who want to protect themselves against the heavy personal costs of burnout, simply by bringing more lightness and laughter into their own work life.
  • People-Helping Professionals who have an entrepreneurial side and want to make extra income by bringing more lightness and laughter into the life of others.


lynnLynn Perreault specializes in anti-burnout tactics, group energy boosts, and sustainable income explosions among human service professionals who want to laugh more for the sake of their own work life wealth, health and happiness.  She founded AY-i-AY in 2010, in the midst of some tragic and life-altering personal events, as a means of staying focused on the good side of life.  Lynn holds a doctorate specializing in Applied Social Psychology, including Tribes TLC® and Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher certifications.  Prior to the inception of AY-i-AY, she spent 20 years in the health and organization development sectors.  

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Bye Bye Burnout

healthcare01Are you a human service provider, a health care worker, a human resources officer, or an educator who is…

  • Losing the passion you once had for your work?
  • Surrounded by negative people and stressful job situations?
  • Afraid of the terrible price you will have to pay if you burnout?  What about the personal price?  Health price?  Financial price?
  • Starting to lose your health and personal life because of work life stress?
  • Worried that your professional reputation will be ruined if you get to a point where you must take a stress leave?
  • Don’t know how much longer you can keep your cool at work?
  • Losing your reputation as the ‘fun’ person at work because there is too much pressure?
  • Feel like your worklife is just too heavy and you need something to lighten it up?

If yes, then you qualify for AY-i-AY’s exclusive “Anti-Burnout Tactical” solutions.  I invite you to accept my offer to having you upcurve your work life to reach peak JollyPro™ status, starting today.

Taking positive action right now will pull you further away from the burnout abyss.

Click the button below if you want to:

  • Invigorate the passion and energy you once had for your work. People will notice!
  • Refresh your morale for the ultimate resilience boost.
  • Neutralize negative people and stressful job situations, with integrity.
  • Protect your health and well-being.  You’re worth it!
  • Get on the road toward relaxing into the worklife that you truly want for yourself.
  • Keep your cool more easily at work and keep up that good reputation of yours.
  • Ignite your playful side, and lighten up that worklife stress.
  • Upcurve your worklife health, wealth and happiness.  For good!


Peak Performance

people_jumping_for_joyAs a workplace leader in the human service, health care and education industries, are you still struggling with staff issues that simply didn’t resolve using conventional solutions?

  • Poor group performance resulting from a disconnected group dynamic
  • Creative blocks and loss of innovation from your key idea generators
  • Reduced worklife passion and burnout among your teams
  • Losing ground in your industry due to a disconnect with the genius within

Click the button below if you are ready to:

Prime your work teams for creativity and innovation.  Stay ahead of the competition by living outside of the box.  AY-i-AY’s group action process sets a collaborative tone that connects your work team, greases the flow and reception of new ideas, and magnetizes true innovation.

Build and engage your teams.  Energize team connection and group cohesion.  The AY-i-AY method builds up connection and active engagement from all group members, which often translates into a renewed passion for current projects.

Advance your people’s performance.  AY-i-AY supports an energetic work climate that advances positive performance.  An attractive work climate not only attracts the best people to your organization, but it retains and advances key partners, clients and staff, making it easier to raise your industry position.

Inspire leadership excellence.  AY-i-AY facilitates group behaviours that are grounded in connection, respect and inclusiveness.  We strengthen leadership teams by energizing social competence.  Inspire leadership excellence among your people.

Explode worklife wealth.  Wealth is more than just the bottom line.  AY-i-AY can help your organization to explode with overall wealth by boosting valued social, human and health capital.  Taking great care of your valued capital and engaging your people in good habits is a great way to downcurve costs.  Happier people, happier workplace!



  • Are you a laughter or humor professional who desperately wants to magnetize more high-paying clients into your business?
  • Are you an educator, a human service provider or a health care worker who wants to make more money simply by leading people in laughter?
  • Are you nearing the end of your professional life and looking to add some extra income to those retirement funds?
  • Are you tired of working in a J-O-B you’re no longer passionate about?
  • Do you want to make some good money by bringing more lightness and laughter into other people’s lives?
  • Is your bank account suffering because you want to follow your dream of spreading laughter far and wide?


At AY-i-AY, we believe that true wealth means getting a great income doing what you love.  You know that you can make a bigger positive difference in the world.  And we know that too.

Stop living in the ‘so-so’ world of a low-key business life.  Get out there.  Twist your wealth dial to from so-so to CHA-CHING!  Get loud.  Get great.  Get wealthy through laughter.

Now, are you serious about your laughter business?